Free Transfer

Pick-up from your Hotel/Villa

We complimentary collect you and take you back to your hotel in Jimbaran town (15min), Nusa Dua Resort (10-15min), Tanjung Benoa (15-20min), Kuta (25-35min), Legian, Seminyak or Sanur (30-45min). For Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Sanur: minimum 2 people taking 3hrs treatment each.
Drop-off at places other than your hotel depends on availability and is at our sole discretion. Kindly consult us first. We will try our best to meet your request.

After treatment, we take you back to your hotel.
If you want us to drop you at a different hotel or want to go to the airport tell us at the time of booking so we can make arrangements. Also, If you are carrying bulky luggage, please first ask if this is possible.

Change of Hotel after Spa Treatment

We complimentary collect you at your hotel with your luggage, you have treatment at our spa, afterwards we take you to your next hotel. Perfect if you switch hotels and want a free transfer plus a delightful spa in-between. Kindly consult us first, so we can make arrangements.

Airport Drop-Off

Perfect for return flights in the evening. We collect you and your luggage at hotel check-out, you have treatment and shower at our spa, and after that, we complimentary take you to the airport (usually 25-35min, during holidays and rush hours up to 60 minutes, so do not plan your schedule too tight). Minimum requirement: 2 people taking 2hrs treatment each, or 1 person taking 3.5hrs treatment. Please indicate your airport transfer request when booking. Tip: If you book a package with an included meal, we even take care of your lunch/dinner.

Benoa Harbour Cruise Ship Transfer

Free pickup & drop-back from/to Cruise Port Benoa. At Benoa harbour is a terminal where passengers of cruising ships wait for being collected by tour operators/guides etc. Our driver will approach you there with a sign in his hand. The transfer to our spa takes 20 minutes. Minimum 2 people taking 2hrs treatment each, or 1 person taking 3.5hrs treatment.


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Free Transfer to Airport – Transfers from & to Hotel