Bali spa treatments

Delightful Bali Spa Treatments

You can expect very good treatments in private and shady semi-outdoor rooms or in our air-conditioned rooms available for single, twin and triple occupancy. In all our spa treatments we use fresh natural products most of our own production and always of excellent quality.

Established in 2001, we have many years of experience in serving high-quality spa. We also conduct Spa Classes for professionals from all over the world.

Get the best rate by booking directly with us via WhatsApp, phone, email or our website’s booking form. We provide free transfers. No deposit is required, no cancellation fee.

All prices are inclusive of tax. No additional cost.


Royal Shirodhara

Ayurveda Forehead Casting

Bali massage, Lulur soft exfoliation, Blossom bath, Shirodhara, Hair spa

Internet Rate 3.5hrs/IDR1,500,000

Bali Spa Ritual

Bali Spa Ritual

Our Bestseller

Bali massage, Lulur soft exfoliation, Blossom bath, Facial or Hair spa

Internet Rate 3hrs/IDR1,200,000

Spa package for two

Couple Spa Package Classic

Perfect Spa Day for Two

Bali massage, Lulur scrub, Blossom bath, Facial or Back-shoulder massage, Hair spa or Facial or Foot massage
Beachfront dinner

4hrs +meal /IDR3,750,000 per couple
Internet Rate IDR2,925,000


Body Lulur Spa

Legendary Scrub

Bali massage, Lulur soft exfoliation, Blossom bath

Internet Rate 2hrs/IDR900,000

Hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage

Sensations of Comfort and Warmth

1.5hrs Hot stone massage + 30min Foot massage

Internet Rate 2hrs/IDR750,000

Bali massage

Bali Massage

Relaxing and Energising

Experience a real Bali massage

1.5hrs/IDR1,050,000 | 2hrs/IDR1,350,000
Internet Rate 1.5hrs/IDR525,000 | 2hrs/IDR675,000

hair spa

Balinese Hair Spa

A VERY popular treatment in 2024

The Royal Family has been practising Traditional Hair Cream Bath treatments for centuries

Internet Rate 1hr/IDR600,000

Bali facial

Bali Facial

Royal Balinese Beauty Care Treatment

Cleansing, scrub, face massage, moisturising

Internet Rate 1hr/IDR600,000

lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic Massage (MLD)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Stimulates the immune system, detoxes, protects from infection, improves metabolism

1hr/IDR1,000,000 | 1.5hr/IDR1,500,000
Internet Rate 1hr/IDR600,000 | 1.5hr/IDR900,000

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Spa Menu & Prices

All rates include tax. No additional cost. No deposit, no cancellation fee. Free transfers. Payment upon arrival with cash or by Master/Visa Card (processed in IDR).


Bali Massage1hr/1.5hr/2hrs375k/525k/675k675k/1,050k/1,350k
Anti Jet Lag Massage1.5hr/2hrs525k/675k1,050k/1,350k
Lymphatic Drainage Massage1hr/1.5hr600k/900k1,000k/1,500k
Indian Head Massage1hr750k1,050k
Balinese Abhyanga Massage1.5hr1,050k1,200k
Hot Stone Massage2hrs750k1,275k
Face Massage1hr450k750k
Back-Shoulder Massage1hr/1.5hr/2hrs375k/525k/675k675k/1,050k/1,350k
Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage1hr/1.5hr/2hrs375k/525k/675k675k/1,050k/1,350k
Foot Massage1hr/1.5hr/2hrs375k/525k/675k675k/1,050k/1,350k
Foot Reflexology Massage1hr/1.5hr/2hrs375k/525k/675k675k/1,050k/1,350k

Popular Packages

Bali Spa Ritual3hrs1,200k1,800k
Royal Shirodhara3.5hrs1,500k2,100k
Couple Spa Classic4hrs + meal2,925k3,750k
Couple Spa Shirodhara4.5hrs + meal3,375k4,350k
Couple Spa Ayurveda5hrs + meal4,350k5,100k


Ayurvedic Shirodhara2hrs15min1,275k1,725k
Royal Shirodhara3.5hrs1,500k2,100k
Balinese Abhyanga Massage1.5hr1,050k1,200k
Indian Head Massage1hr750k1,050k
Package Ayurveda for 25hrs + meal4,350k5,100k

Lulur & Wraps

Body Lulur Exfoliation2hrs900k1,125k
Body Boreh Healing Pack2hrs1,050k1,350k
Chocolate Body Wrap2.5hrs1,125k1,650k

Body Masks

Honey Milk Body Mask2.5hrs1,200k1,650k
Aloe Vera Body Mask2.5hrs1,200k1,650k
Avocado Body Mask2.5hrs1,200k1,650k
Sunburn Treatment2hrs15min1,350k2,100k

Hair & Face

Balinese Hair Spa1hr600k975k
Balinese Facial1hr600k975k
Balinese Stone Facial1hr825k1,200k
Face Massage1hr450k750k

Massage Courses

Course SubjectDurationEmail/WA
Bali Massage3 days (3 x 4 hours)5,626k
Ayurveda Package3 days (3 x 4 hours)6,750k
1-day Course1 x 4 hours2,250k
2-day Course2 x 4 hours4,125k
3-day Course3 x 4 hours5,625k
each additional day4 hours1,875k
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